Smarter Inventory can work for any business anywhere in the world interested in managing and lowering their inventory at optimal levels. You will receive full access for three full month with no obligation after the three months are over if you are not completely satisfied. You have nothing to lose! Try our free trial today!


Why optimize your inventory and how can Smarter Inventory work for you

Inventory management is much more than purchasing and holding inventory in prevision of future demand. Inventory management really means providing the customer service level objective with the lowest possible amount of inventory while minimizing the risk of surplus and obsolescence. Our experience in many industries has shown us that most companies do not have the resource, processes or expertise to properly manage their inventories.

The investment necessary to improve inventory management internally is often greater than the anticipated benefits, at least in the short term. Smarter Inventory provides a cost-effective solution to reduce inventory while improving inventory at not risk and no upfront capital investment.

For illustration purposes, let's assume your firm holds 10,000 items for a total of $3,000,000 in inventory. Let's also assume a conservative inventory carrying cost of 10% (annual cost to carry inventory, which includes direct and indirect costs as well as the opportunity cost – typically between 25% and 40%) and an easily achievable target of 10% reduction in inventory (typically between 20 and 40%). Using Smarter Inventory your firm would obtain the following benefits:

•  A net reduction of inventory of $300,000 which could be invested in other more profitable projects or initiatives;

•  A recurrent saving of the carrying cost totalizing $30,000 per year.

Your firm would be able to generate recurrent saving of $2,500 per month for a nominal cost of $500 per month (based on a cost $0.05 per item per month) which equates to a return on investment of 500%.



How It Works:

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